Turns outI wasn’t ready to tell a bunch of folks about my website. I have no content. Definitely not as much as I want to.

The thing about my Emulator is that I love to play it. I have programmed it to do things, the way I want. But for some reason, I am having some software and hardware issues. I need to troubleshoot the USB system. It seems like it uses a hirarchy and disconnects things willy nilly. My be the hardware. Ugh. That USB issue is also affecting my touchscreen. So I have some work to do.

Its been since before March 2018 that I used my Emu. I had two discs replaced in my cervical spine. I had to quit DJing way before that. I didn't know that my spinal cord was compressed. It caused some crazy PTSD like feelings. I couldn’t go to a Club anymore because the vibration from the music made me jumpy. But I am better now.

Please be patient while I work out this mess. I WILL figure it out. In the meantime I will be broadcasting shows from some of my favorite House Music DJs.

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