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Stop doing these 5 things today!

🛑 DO NOT Answer these memes with questions on social media.

Those questions seem familiar don’t they? Perhaps good answers to security questions on banking apps. If only I had your name… oh wait.

🛑 DO NOT Like and share with 5 friends for a "free Holiday or Motorhome", "live here with your best friend".

I now know who your best friends are, you know the ones you’d help urgently with a quick $200.

🛑 DO NOT Reply or unsubscribe to scam emails

I’m not talking unsolicited, unsubscribe from companies all you like, I’m talking Nigerian Prince’s, I have a video of you pleasuring yourself, you have a virus etc.

You confirm your email is valid and are now on a “send more shit” list.

🛑 DO NOT Buy Amazon, iTunes gift cards, because your boss, son, girlfriend emailed you to help them.

Spoofed emails are so clever now, It’s hard to think they aren’t genuine.

🛑 DO NOT Click on links in text messages or emails from couriers or your bank.

Its Phishing, plain and simple.

Hackers have access to as much data on you as anyone (if not more), they’ve been collecting and stealing it for years.

Their database already knows who you bank with, what credit cards you have and where your savings are.

They just need to fill in some blanks or get you to take some action.

If you make a habit of the above, make some changes now.

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